About Us

About Us



Basecamp Foundation Kenya (BCFK) is a not for profit organization that has been working in the maasai mara for the past fifteen years. Our aim is to transform lives by being an innovator of models for sustainable development, through tourism, entrepreneurship and conservation. Basecamp works among one of the marginalized communities in kenya by implementing and partnering in projects in the areas of health, education, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is “to leave a positive foot print” by undertaking and supporting sustainable development projects. For over a decade, the foundation has spearheaded the establishment of Naboisho community conservancy. The conservancy growth was based on an approach where land owners agreed to lease their parcels of land for wildlife conservation & management. Land lease for conservation is viewed as a viable land use, integrated with managed grazing so as to create a vibrant ecosystem for the community, wildlife and tourism.

Our projects are based in Narok South, Koyaki location, within the Naboisho Conservancy. This is an arid/ semi-arid savannah area, whose main attraction is the maasai mara game reserve. The reserve hosts some of the worlds most magnificent and endangered wildlife species. The community in this region are mainly pastoralists and mainly depend on the land for grazing their large herds of livestock for livelihood

Mid morning in the Mara.

Naboisho conservancy in the making.

Where we have come from.


A sunset in the Mara.